Ballies universe
Ballies universe


First NFT drop and game are only the beginning.
Our court is full of development in the pipeline.

1Whitelist Opens Completed
2Public Sale of Ballies Origins Completed
3Immediate Access to Metacourt Club Completed
4Surprise Raffles Completed
5Locker Room Basketball Talks Completed
6Fun Prediction Games Completed
7Alpha Game Launch Completed
8Shop Opens Completed
9Ballies beta game launch Completed
10Ballies All-Star Drop
11Ladies’ Ballies Drop
12Lend-to-earn Mechanism
13Public game release
15Ballies DAO
16Ballies Rookies Drop
17Ballies Accelerator
18Expansion to other sports
19Full 3D Game
20Metacourt metaverse
21Physical Card Game

Whitelist Opens Completed

Join our Discord and engage with the community to get whitelisted. Guarantee yourself a spot to mint.


Public Sale of Ballies Origins Completed

Whatever is left from the Ballies supply will be available on Public Sale. Will you capture a Ballie and become the king of the Metacourt?


Immediate Access to Metacourt Club Completed

All owners will get invited to private Discord channels - an exclusive community place to hang out. Basketball chat, crypto talk, networking, insider information, special events, meet-ups etc.


Surprise Raffles Completed

Tickets for arena, signed jerseys, Ballies merch, custom illustrations … many epic rewards will be given out to the holders in surprise raffles.


Locker Room Basketball Talks Completed

A very unique utility stars here. Holders will be able to join live talks in closed Discord chats with professional basketball players. Get an inside look at the careers of our ambassadors and other basketball professionals, ask questions and be part of exclusive convos.


Fun Prediction Games Completed

Here comes the Game of Predictions based on real-life basketball games. Who will be the best scorer of the game, which team is going all the way, this and much more will give you the chance to show your knowledge and luck.


Alpha Game Launch Completed

Releasing the very first version of the game - a fun 2D Card Game. To give benefits early on while the full 3D game is being developed. Holders` feedback will be taken into account for the ongoing game development. At this stage, just the original skillset of your Ballie will be taken into account and a 1 on 1 game will be possible.


Shop Opens Completed

Besides giving away Ballies merch to holders in raffles and giveaways, official Ballies Merch will hit the Metacourt for everyone to buy. Big discounts for Ballies holders are guaranteed. Our shop section will also present partnership deals and special collabs.


Ballies beta game launch Completed

The second version of the 2D Card Game will introduce the play-to-earn mechanism. The major upgrade will now allow its members to earn if they are successful in the games. Ballies NFT will get supercharged with skill tokens. Holders will be able to earn, trade, sell and buy skill tokens to increase their Ballies chances to win games. A combination of skill and luck, in the form of game condition cards, will be of huge importance when competing with others.


Ballies All-Star Drop

A limited collection of All-Star Ballies will make its entrance. Get hands-on the rarest Ballies to ever walk on the Metacourt. There will be advantages for Ballies Origins holders.


Ladies’ Ballies Drop

A limited collection of Lady Ballies will make its entrance. Get hands-on the most beautiful Ballies to ever walk on the Metacourt. The collection will be split between female basketball players and cheerleaders, both with unique gaming and artistic utility.


Lend-to-earn Mechanism

Utility for holders and non-holders comes to life! Non-holder will be able to borrow a copy of the selected holder’s Ballie, get a feel of the game and earn when winning. Holder will get % of those wins and earn passive income while laying on the beach.


Public game release

It is your time to showcase your skills with a game that combines both luck and strategy. With your own Ballies, your own strategies, your own cards and your own gear items! Earn by winning! Don't have time to actively participate? No problem! With the Ballie renting feature in the public version, you can still earn passive income. By attaching gear items to your Ballies, you can level them up and become unstoppable. You can make a name for yourself by competing with other players in the tournament mode. With the meticulously created card system, you will feel the strategic gameplay functions to the fullest.



In addition to Ballies NFT the utility token will be launched in order to facilitate metaverse transactions, skill tokens trading, possible staking and much more.


Ballies DAO

In the second part of 2023, our plan is to form a DAO around Ballies to give the community more freedom and decision-making power. This will enable the community to build the project more actively. We value the community's input and ideas from our community and encourage them to participate on a more granular level in building the project and treasury.


Ballies Rookies Drop

The Ballies are expanding their family with the introduction of the Ballies Rookies, a new group of talented Rookies ready to make their mark on the court. As these young players strive for greatness, show them your support and help them reach their full potential.


Ballies Accelerator

Start your own projects & side projects for Ballies. Connected with DAO.


Expansion to other sports

The team starts preparing new concepts and new drops for other sports like American football, football, martial arts etc. Opportunities are endless. Ballies Holders of course get special perks in new sports endeavours. And the new successful cycle continues.


Full 3D Game

This is where the real fun starts. In the final phase, Ballies will gain another dimension. 2D Ballies characters will be transformed into 3D playable basketball characters. Play 1-on-1, 3x3 and 5 vs. 5 games and tournaments. Form teams with others or play by owning a whole team. Upgrade their skills with skill tokens and accessorize them with upgrade gear.


Metacourt metaverse

Ballies will finally enter their home - the 3D Metacourt metaverse where holders will live out their basketball dreams. Metacourt will allow its members to combine all the Ballies utilities in one 3D place. Owning Land and Arenas is another step in the Metacourt life.


Physical Card Game

We will move Ballies from the Meta-court into the Meta-board!

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