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It had all begun at Basketball All-Star Weekend …

Creatures from a galaxy far far away came to Earth with one wish - to acquire the best basketball players and take them back to their planet to fight a basketball war. But an unexpected glitch in their technology occurred. Basketball stars, fans, celebrities and creatures were merged into 9999 unique characters called BALLIES. Ballies are now wandering the streets of the digital universe METACOURT!

So, here is your chance - collect them and put them to work. Do you have what it takes to be the king of the Metacourt?

Ballies are a set of 9,999 unique basketball collectables characterized with attack & defence skills to become players in the Metacourt. Created by an award-winning digital artist.

First-ever wrapped gaming NFTs!

These are not just NFTs, oh no-no. They’re NFTs 2.0 powered with new innovative wrapping technology. Imagine the Wrapper as an onion:

  • BASE: Original basketball character. Art + metadata explaining traits and rarity.
  • LAYERs: Skill token + additional upgrades used in the game.

Owners will be able to unwrap and sell all collateral separately anytime or load additional layers with more skill tokens.


Own a Ballie


Get Access to the Metacourt


Play and Earn in Basketball Games


Win Tournaments and Rewards


Lend & Earn Passive Income



VIP community place to hang out. Basketball chat, crypto talk, networking, insider information, special events, talking with the team etc. Cheers to the good times!

A real VIP treatment awaits all holders. Immersive Metacourt will be a basketball dream with many opportunities to earn big.

Click on rooms and explore.

Become an active part of our community. We take all suggestions on board to make the Metacourt universe even more powerful.

First NFT drop and game are only the beginning. Our court is full of development in the pipeline.

While we’ll be building the whole metaverse you’ll still be able to play our beta game right after the drop.

The list of all traits that make Ballies collection unique

Selected Traits:

The team behind the project is public to display commitment. Imagine us with awful bags under the eyes from working tirelessly to make Ballies the next big thing!


Marketing & Community
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Dino Rađa

NBA Hall of Famer

Lottomatica Roma, Boston Celtics, Panathinaikos, Olympiakos, ...

Jusuf Nurkić

NBA Player

Portland Trailblazers, Denver Nuggets

Marko Milić

Former NBA Player

First Slovenian to play in the NBA

Phoenix Suns, Fenerbahce, Union Olimpija, Real Madrid, Virtus Bologna, ...

Kevin Punter

Eurocup Top Player

AEK Athens, Virtus Bologna, Olympiacos, Crvena zvezda, Olimpia Milano, Partizan

Kyle Hines

Euroleague Legend

Euroleague 2010-20 All Decade team

Brose Bamberg, Olympiacos, CSKA Moscow, Olimpia Milano

Gregor Glas

Rising Star

Youngest Slovenian Senior National Team Member

Sixt Primorska, Dynamic VIP PAY, Partizan

Join our community and stay on top of things to assure yourself a spot in the Metacourt.